Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bradner Day Parade and Car Show, 2012, Bradner Ohio

Today was a day to remember in Bradner, Ohio. These good people were all smile, which of course I love. I capture more families then most times, so check on Walgreens link to see all.

Here are my teasers.

Current and Candidate for US Congress, Bob Latta with his daughter. Bob just voted to repeal the excise tax on medical devices, refer to HB436. This tax is from Obamacare, guess who pays this tax? Bob is always working for less taxes and less government. Remember this in November.

Current Wood County Commissioner, Tim Brown, Tim is a Candidate for Ohio House Seat, District 3. Tim along with Jim Carter has made Wood County number one in employment, saving tax money, and providing services all with less spending. Tim served three terms as Wood County Commissioner, and is ready to represent us in Columbus. You can help Tim by clicking this link. To verify Tim's good public work then check out that WC 2011 annual report via this link. Click this link to see the 2011 WC Annual report.
Congressman Bob Latta and Commissioner Tim Brown

Track Star, Current and Candidate for Wood County Commissioner, Jim Carter. Jim Carter is President of WC Commissioners. One issue that stands out as WC management is that General Fund expenditures totaled $33,967,268.24 this budget included a savings of over a million dollars. Jim likes to save us money, money that will not be taken out of your pocket. We need to support Jim Carter this November. Remember we are savers and not borrowers and spenders. We want smaller less intrusive government. Click this link to see proof of Jim's good work, e.g., the 2011 WC Annual report.  This never happens to people in California. This is excellent. Some believe that Jim's dad was President and a peanut farmer or that his son, John, went to Mars, this is not true.
On the right is current and Candidate for Wood County Clerk of Common Please Court, Cindy Hofer with friend. Cindy watches and controls our WC Judges, well she tries, who are very intelligent and demanding gentlemen, but I think it's just like herding cats. Cindy maintains the records of Common Pleas Court, issues motor vehicle and watercraft titles, and serves as Clerk for the Sixth District Court of Appeals. We need to support Cindy Hofer this November. Remember we are savers and not borrowers and spenders. We want smaller less intrusive government. Click this link to see proof of  Cindy's good work, e.g., the 2011 WC Annual report.  This is excellent.

This is me, Peter Seniuk, with Boy Scout Pack member from Pack 4, least I believe.

I touch a little here on politics. I got involved in politics in response to our current administration's inability to govern. Increases in taxation e.g., medicaid, license fees, building permits, with new mandated health care costs, and land taxes. In 2013, those Bush tax breaks will end. They all go up, while your income and purchasing power get less and less. There's no inflation, but gas is twice as much as it was four year ago. Obamacare is socializing medicine, imagine the DMV as a doctor's office, were bureaucrats take care of your health. Expect the cost of medications, medical procedures, mechanical hip and joints to be taxed and overall cost increase. $500 billion in Medicare funding will be removed, while everyone, including those who don't want to, to pay higher for their medical insurance. As these events occur many Americans will die, this related to lack of funding and services (less doctors and nurses). I am attempting to stop these events via the political system because I think death, mine, may hurt and I truly believe that being alive is  better. Politics effect all, but today we see how it effects your wallet and on such a grand scale. So you need to get involved, study the issues, ask those questions, register and vote. November 6th is just around the corner. Freedom is a choice of issues, so study them and vote. Soon you will be my age and realize how the government can control you via health care. If Obama wins in 2012, then 1984 is a reality.

Click here to see all pics of the 2012 Bradner Parade at Walgreens only 32% uploaded.

All pics taken today are there, if you want the original, just ask. Also sun very bright, while photographer not so bright, so if you want a do over, just ask. Forward URL to other friends and family, they do love you. Also those young men and women in the sandbox. Please print some via Walgreens, it's a cheap but a cherished memory, make ten copies and give away to mom and siblings. Check for Walgreen coupon in Sunday paper or on line.

Get involved, be a maker of, not a reader of, history that is.
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