Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mitt Romney the Wood County Crowd Pleaser in Ohio

Just Tuesday Mitt came up to bat swinging, today on Wednesday, his message sent a home run across America. I am a hard working person, I am successful, I had plenty of help, I had great teachers, I thrived well here on the great plains of Ohio, but it was not because of the government. I did this myself, an individual, money saving capitalist, hard worker and community volunteer. I am not a socialist, I have worked hard for success and will be dammed to allow the government to take what I have. This election is about makers and takers, about becoming a socialists or individualist, about governmental dictates or ones own freedom.  

We, the good people of Wood County, Ohio were so glad to hear Mitt give this speech. His message reached the crowd, I couldn't photograph him enough because the crowd kept standing and applauding. He hits Obama back very well. The people of  Wood County are glad to witness this great performance. We will welcome him back to Wood County, anytime, especially after he is president.

Here are my teasers.
Candidate for President of the United States, Mitt Romney. Mitt has persevered, it takes perseverance to do this gig twice, his integrity is excellent else his business career would just not be, but most of  all his attitude is excellent, taking no prisoners. Mitt's glass is always full knowing that Americans don't live in a vacuum. Please keep it up, we all love you. Please come back again.

Governor of Ohio, John Kasich
Candidate for Ohio Senate and current Ohio House Representative Randy Gardner

Candidate for Senate Randy Gardner and Candidate for Ohio House, District 3, Tim Brown, with current Commissioner and Candidate for Wood County Commissioner Jim Carter.

Ohio Senator Mark Wagoner with family. 

Matt Reger is the force behind the Wood County Republican Party. Matt needs help, don't be shy, make history, change our government, be involved, it does not take much, so call him.  If you want to make history and know more about Wood County Republican Party, get involved, do something, and win in November, then click this link. 

Commissioner Jim Carter and Perrysburg Mayor Nelson Evans

Commissioner Jim Carter with Candidate for Commissioner Doris Herringshaw with Bowling Green Mayor Richard Edwards

Ohio State Representative Randy Gardner with friends

Mayor Edwards being interviewed by Bowing Green News reporter Danae King

This is Mark Leibovich from the NY Times. He interviewed me, it was much better than my last interview with WTOL. Least I didn't go all out adrenalin, spitting my hate and discontent at OB. Practice and reflection do matter. I refer to a past event with Dick Berry, see this page. Bob Latta Helping Mitt Romney's Presidential Run with WTOL, Channel 11, Perrysburg, Ohio, June 9, 2012

Well, All I really want to do is take pictures of families. I love them the most, so you must love them up too. Please print some via Walgreens web site. Look in Sunday's paper for coupons or even some via the web. Prints last much longer than me or even Walgreens. This event will always be remember if you print them. This is my only chance at immortality, least for two generations. I live in Northwood, e.g., the north country of Wood County. If you want a family shoot, then see my rates on the left. No mother is ever refused.

To see all pics of this event then click on this link to Walgreens, you got to log on with an e-mail address.  If you don't like any then say so and I will remove. Please forward URL to your family and friends, don't forget those in the sandbox, e.g., the military, also mom still loves you no matter what your sister said, so make her a copy.

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