Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wood County Republican Party Headquarters Grand Opening, Bowling Green, Ohio

This page marks the opening of the new Wood County Headquarters at 111 South Main Street in Bowling Green. All are welcome to visit, discuss politics, give opinions, and of course volunteer to help for National, State and local leader seeking re-election or new office. We had many great people show and the facility was tricked out.  
Here are my teasers:

Today is D-Day, a day in which our fathers and mothers were very concern about because it marked the beginning of the end. Today we thank those who gave it all while we enjoy freedom they gave us. Another battle is coming but it's right here in Wood County. We, the Republican Party, recruits, plan, raise funds, and implement such that our candidates will win. It's just like D-day, having a specific purpose; we call it the Nov. 6, 2012 election. This year is important, because America as we know it is that beach. I want all free men and women to rise and join in the fight for a Republican win. We must change the current political culture to the right. Remember history made is much better than history written or read. Be a maker of history and join us, the fight awaits. What I love about America, is this revolution every two or four years with no one dying, not so in other countries.

Call on us today, we are making history, better to make it than read it. If not done so already then you need to registrar to vote, or get someone else to registrar, and then come on down and see us.

Whatever you do, whoever you support, you must vote on Nov 6th. Those young men and women gave it all up for this on that beach called Omaha.

Here is the link to see all pics taken at WCRP Headquarters Grand Opening via snap fish.

Get involved, be a maker of, not a reader of, history that is.

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