Thursday, May 31, 2012

Candidate for Commissioner, Doris Herringshaw Fundraiser at Klotz Floral, Bowling Green, Ohio

Wow, there was a great turnout to support our new Candidate for Wood County Commissioner, Doris Herringshaw. By the the size of the crowd, she has many supporters. There was great food by great cooks, yep those hamburgers and chocolate brownies were the best. Best brownies ever, thanks Vicki.

Doris Herringshaw supports many position that Tim Brown and Jim Carter support. Doris is for limited government, reduction when able in our taxes, a desire that Wood County stay business friendly. Something Jim and Tim are always for.

We need a great thank you for her campaign staff and dedicated followers. They all help make this event very successful for both Doris and the Wood County Republican Party. If you don't want your picture posted then just say so and it will be removed. Here are the teasers.

Candidate for Commissioner, Doris Herringshaw with Husband Paul

Daniel Lipian, Director of Wood County Republican Party with Jon Smith, a Tim Brown Campaigner

The Meyers Family of Pemberville, Ohio

Judge Mayberry with Stu

Candidate for and Current Commissioner Jim Carter with friend
Wood County Treasurer Jill Engle(left) with Beverly Hirzel

Candidate for Ohio State Rep District 3 and current WC Commission Tim Brown (center) with his BOFs
The Klotz Family in Bowling Green, Ohio. You can contact Klotz Floral Gift & Garden at 800-353-8351. Their the leading Florist in Bowling Green. The wife loved her anniversary bouquet of fresh flowers! Thanks, they saved me. They just may be able to save you too. Hey you guys, a happy wife is a happy life.

State Representative Randy Gardner with the Kilpatricks.

Pete Seniuk, photographer (me) with the Cat Herder, Daniel Lipian. We need more good folks to join the herd and help, call Dan at 440-213-6427.
Doris with her new BOF

Rick Metz with an illegal NY state 32 oz cup, something a New Yorkers could be arrested with. Who would know such rules in the land of the free?
Bowling Green Mayor Dick Edwards with his young bride.

It was a great pleasure to meet all of you. I am so glad of your support for Doris. I know she will do a great job, but there is much work ahead, so please help in any way. Wood County Families must be protected not only today, but tomorrow as well. To protect our future must starts here in Wood County at the local level, not only in financial support, but other efforts too. No matter what, everything counts: from talking up Doris to neighbors and family; delivery of flyers; phone calls; and chanting "Solyndra, Solyndra" whenever you see Axelrod or Sherrod in public; it all counts. Please do something today and get involved today. Tomorrow will be here soon and Wood County can not afford to be blue, every vote must be gathered, leave no one unturned, their not stone. Remember as Wood County goes, so does Ohio, as Ohio goes so does the nation. We are the tip of the iceberg, and the media is watching very close. Let's let them know what we think. We need your help during Golden Week.
Please print one or two pics via snap fish for surly someone loves you. One never gets any better looking than what he or she looks like today, this is so true. So capture that moment now. Forward this URL to other friends and family. Don't forget the military, they need to know what's going on too, beside knowing what their fighting for. Love ya, Pete

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