Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bob Latta Helping Mitt Romney's Presidential Run with WTOL, Channel 11

I was a canvassing for Mitt Romney, meeting up at the Bicentennial Park in Perrysburg, Ohio. Channel 11 was there with Dick Berry, to ask Bob Latta questions. After this Dick wanted some volunteer opinions and of course I had to say something. An old man ranting on about Obama, let's get me started. I really need to work on my temper or have a supply of Ativan with me at all times, such is the life an Ukrainian/Sicilian man, aging some while seeing his retirement saving becoming worthless. Dick asked me why I support Romney? I believe, but I really don't remember much, that I said the economy is poor, stating that 1 in 2 college graduates can't fine a job. Of course when I start to talk about Obama, I just get mad. The second issue was lost to some failed internal neuron transfer, I forgot, hell the adrenal was kicking then. I do remember the last reason was related to national defense, that allowing secrets to be told about military operations was unsatisfactory. That Obama, or his operatives, leak military secrets for political gain. This gets people killed and I was again extremely mad. All in all, I pray I don't make tonight's news. Dick please keep me out of it. Oh well, such is politics, somethings I just have to be learned. The event was quick, not much here, most are posted here but all are on snap fish.
Wood County Republican Party Event Coordinator Branden Hart, Current and Candidate for US Congress from Ohio Bob Latta with Wood County Republican Party Volunteer Coordinator Mandy Wise
Bob Latta being interviewed by Dick Berry from WTOL 11 Toledo, Ohio
Dick with his cameraman, who is never really on camera.
Andy, Bob, Bruce, and Elisabeth at Bicentennial Park

Well that's it. I guess my run for office is a no go, better just to canvas and take pics, it's simpler and something I can handle. 

I need to go now, but will add some bullet points of why I want Mitt Romney elected. Let's see: 
  • It's the economy, e.g., jobs for family and friends
  • Obamacare or should we say a state run health care that will kill me, yes I do believe in death panels, how else will they save money
  • Quantitative easing or stimulus, let's just print money forever, refer to Germany in 1921, which will lead to taxation to support depth burden and massive inflation, Jimmy Carter anyone?
  • Our military deterioration, check size of navy and air force, how else is he going to pay for social welfare programs, yep those bad guys will take if you don't defend it, they always come for the weak
  • Green energy good, while coal, oil, and nuclear energy bad. Let's award government contract to those green companies that keep pitching that political payola, see Solindra. There's more but the wife says I got stop ranting and my presents is needed at the Toledo Rep.
Love ya, Peter

PS Thanks Barry for not putting me on, from now on I must stay away from any video camera, so says the wife. Call me for that family shoot.

Get involved, be a maker of, not a reader of, history that is.

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