Saturday, June 23, 2012

2012 MS Bike to the Bay, Maumee, Ohio

In my younger days, I did this with Karen Dixon from Ottawa Hills. She trained us most weekend. We drafted each other like Canadian geese, and it was very effective. Training always is. I would do it again, but being retired, I have no time, and training, well it was just like a female dog, woof, woof.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a group of chronic progressive disorder, resulting from demyelination in the brain, spinal cord, and cranial nerves. This was taken from my pathophysiology text. This makes a lot of sense to a MD or RN, but demyelination is like the destruction of insulation (soft plastic surrounding the copper wires or phone cord in your house). As this insulation is taken away (demyelination) potential short circuits occur which cause no or low nerve signals to travel, hence in one’s body, no nerve signals, in turn no muscle movement. This results in a long term chronic condition that will continue till muscle immobility. It's pretty bad and we all need to pray and support to those who have it.

I thank the MS Society for their support in raising funds to help find a cure for this illness. I want to thank all volunteers that made this happen, and the ridership and their sponsors who raised those minimum $200 per bike entry fund. Love you all, Pete

Here are some teasers, all are at snap fish, Walgreens photo site.

Having issues with snap fish up loads, they have changed the rules, such that I can only load 50 pics at a time. So I moved it to Walgreens, sorry about this, will attempt to par down the approximately 250 pics to 100 and post on snap fish, but for now here the link to Walgreens. Check paper for sale coupon or look on Walgreens page for sales. Always look for a better price. I saw 15 cent/pic today in the Blade, or 10cents/pic on fifty or more. Read that fine print next to the coupon code.

Click this link to Walgreens to see MS 2012 Bike to the Bay pics from Saturday a.m. 

If anyone want the original pic or a complete set, then ask. 

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