Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weston Days in Ohio

Update on June 27: Today I will pick up approximately 125 pics from Walgreens, most are of the good people of Weston, so when you are in BG, stop by Republican HQs at 111 S. Main and pick your picture up, it's all on me. Should be there on Friday p.m. Love them up, it goes fast.

Hi Guys and Gals, having issues with snap fish loading, they changed the rules, working on it. This page is under development and subject to change, come to think of it the whole blog, any page is subject to change, yes I'm just like ABC news, except I have no sponsors.

I met great folks from Weston, Ohio. They we're polite, professional, and all smiled. I love these people, they work hard, are honest, and they get on in life no matter what. Met some of my political opposition, they too greeted me with a strong handshake and smile. There here too.

Those Leaders and Shakers of Weston, Ohio 
Current and Candidate for Wood County Commissioner, Jim Carter. Jim Carter is President of WC Commissioners. One issue that stands out as WC management is that General Fund expenditures totaled $33,967,268.24 this buget included a savings of over a million dollars. Jim likes to save us money, money that will not be taken out of your pocket. We need to support Jim Carter this November. Remember we are savers and not borrowers and spenders. We want smaller less intrusive government. Click this link to see proof of Jim's good work, e.g., the 2011 WC Annual report.  This never happens to people in California. This is excellent. Of course Jim does this for that little guy he's holding.
Current and Candidate for US Congress, Bob Latta. Bob just voted to repeal the excise tax on medical devices, refer to HB436. This tax is from Obamacare, guess who pays this tax? Bob is always working for less taxes and less government. Remember this in November.
Current Wood County Commissioner, Tim Brown, right with friend. Tim is a Candidate for Ohio House Seat, District 3. Tim along with Jim Carter has made Wood County number one in employment, saving tax money, and providing services all with less spending. Tim served three terms as Wood County Commissioner, and is ready to represent us in Columbus. You can help Tim by clicking this link. To verify Tim's good public work then check out that WC 2011 annual report via this link. Click this link to see the 2011 WC Annual report. 
Candidate for Wood County Commissioner, Doris Herringshaw, on left, with friends. Doris is for limited government, reduction when able in our taxes, a desire that Wood County stay business friendly. Doris need support, epically in Golden Week. Golden Week is when the BGSU students can register and proxy their vote within one week prior to the election. This law was passed by Democratic who can pull unwitting students into their fold, bus them to the court house with cheat sheet in hand. We need help folks, education is required. 
I love dogs, after all its God spelled backwards, must mean something.
I was lost, but I was found, and now I know the way, thanks again for that ride. I'll print this, it will be at BG republican headquarters.
Dog food is mostly important, after all, most times it's rice and wheat with little meat. My dog has allergies related to poor quality dog food, so it's worth the study and expense. Did I tell you I love dogs. Thank you for taking my pic Mr. Deputy. I'm the guy next to the pretty one and not holding the bag.

Jim Carter with just another political pundit.

Will the next Senator from Ohio please step forward.

This is Gary Loboschefski, the Emergency Services Manager for the American Red Cross of Greater Toledo Area. When Gary is not loving up his grand children then he is managing me and other. He is also excellent at herding cats and eating food. We are part of the Disaster Action Team for the Red Cross. He is in charge of the volunteers who help those individuals in need. Just today, being Saturday afternoon, we help three families whose apartments were a total lose in Toledo. We help them fine shelter, food and clothes in a cost efficient way, something the government should do. We are always looking for volunteers, so if you're free and want to help give Gary a call at 419 329-2900. The Red Cross serves all of Ohio and the nation, there are many openings for volunteers. All good deeds are rewarded so get involved.
Ms. Poppy's secret is that her Dad can't say no to her, such is the love of a father.

I touch a little here on politics. I got involved in politics in response to our current administration's inability to govern. Increases in taxation is here, look at your social security, medicaid, license fees, building permits, with new mandated health care costs, and land taxes. In 2013, those Bush tax breaks will end. They all go up, while your income and purchasing power get less and and less. There's no inflation, so they say, but gas is twice as much as it was four year ago. Obamacare is socializing medicine, something of which the government has no idea how to do. Expect cost of medications, medical procedures, mechanical hip and need joints to be taxed and overall cost increase. $500 billion in Medicare funding will be removed, while expecting everyone, including those who don't want to, to pay higher for their medical insurance. As these events occur many Americans will die, this related to lack of funding and services (less doctors and nurses). I am attempting to stop these events via the political system because I think death, mine, may hurt and I truly believe that being alive is so better. Politics effect all, but today we see how it effects your wallet and on such a grand scale. So you need to get involved, study the issues, ask those questions, register and vote. November 6th is just around the corner. Freedom is a choice of issues, so study them and vote. 

Well snap fish changed the rules, so today it's got to be Walgreens. Sorry, but this is what happens when one is frugal, or should one say just cheap. Still it's free to see and Walgreens offer coupons via the Sunday Paper or via their site. Because Weston is such a great town, and treated me so well, then I will print some. But they will be at Republican Headquarters in BG. Next time your their just ask someone if they have any of Pete's pics of me around. I will attempt to post these pics on HQ's wall. Come in and take a look. I only do the ones I like. Today's cost is just 10 cents/print when you order 50, maybe hundred or more. You need to fine that coupon and read the small print. It's still a pretty good bargain.

Click here to see all pics of the 2012 Weston Parade at Walgreens.

Get involved, be a maker of, not a reader of, history that is.

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  1. How do I view all the pictures you took?

  2. Well, snap fish failed me because they will only up load 50 pics at a time. I took around 350. So there on Walgreens. Just go to their photo site via the link. You will need to sign in with an email. (Use a junk e-mail addres, else you may gets spamed, approximately twice a month) If you order pics they may want a credit card number, but it's better to pay when you pick them up. Their pretty good at printing and they have those coupon codes in the Sunday paper or at the web site. Call me if you need more help.