Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Free People of Maumee Ohio

We the people met in Maumee, Ohio this morning to review the reasons to elect conservative leaders to our government. They're many who want less government, less spending, less taxation. We are that many. We know what a disaster Obamacare will be to health care, that Medicare has a 500 billion dollars cut. That the Supremes said it was ok for the States not pick up medicaid, e.g. another 500 billion lost. All this while an increase in medical cost will rise due to those Obamacare taxes. American lives will be lost related to doctors being unable to afford basic business costs, taxes and fees on medication costs will increase. Worse yet a loss decade will occur for new medical procedures, equipment and drugs. We must stop Obamacare for they will kill us. We are people who refuse to be told what to do. We are individualist with purposes and goals, loving freedom to chose our own health care. We will not stop till this madness ends. Please join our fight.

Here some teasers from today, all are on Walgreens photo site. I like this better than snap fish, but if you live afar and want the original, just ask.

Brad Reynolds with Julie Carire of the Maumee Republican Club, who organized this event. If you want to help, just ask them just click this link.
Barbara Sears, Ohio State House, District 48. She running again, it's every two years, and she needs your help, so click on this link.

I love families, so if you have an event, just ask. No one can beat my price. If you want me to photograph a political event which will defeat this man, than just let me know.

Click this link to see all Pic at Maumee Ohio via Walgreens.

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