Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Family Reunion of Elodie, aka Red, Eckenrode at Pearson Park, Oregon, Ohio

I met Red at Arbors or Willows of Oregon. I remember giving her my card. I am retired and love to take pictures, but on my time. It's never a paying gig. Anyway she called more than once, so persistence does pay, and here I am. I was glad to see her children's children. Hopefully all these pics turn out ok. I sometimes never look at all I take, just don't tell anyone. If you need another photo shoot, just ask, see my rates on the left. Love them up guys, it goes way too fast. Thanks for letting me capture your smiles and your heart.

Here are some teasers, all are up loaded at Walgreens.

Please forward this URL to other family and friends of the Elkenrode family. Don't forget those in the military. I love them the  most. Please keep that love between you going, sometimes it hard, but family is something no one chooses and hence no on can give up on. Get some printed soon, since I will be gone and Walgreens may be in Chapter 11, it happens. That print can last at least two generations, something no electronic memory can replace.
As always, love ya, Peter
Click this link to see all of Red's Family Reunion Pics at Walgreen.
Remember to check for coupons in Sunday Paper or even on line. Let me know if you want the original.

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