Sunday, August 26, 2012

Navy Week in Toledo, Ohio

My father was raised by the US Navy. Seems he did not have a very good childhood, so when the time came to grow up the Navy father him too well, least through the eyes of a child growing and learning about life.I miss my Dad, he took a lot of pictures, many with him not in it. Family and friends go bye very quickly, so we must appreciate them every day in every way. This is why I do what I do.

I really appreciate these men and women, looking clean and fit, protecting me from evil men. Evil men will come for you if strength is lost. Good luck guys, I will pray for you. Please send some pics to Mom, Dad and that special friend. Here are my teasers.

My drive on my primary computer failed yesterday, so I'm a little behind. As many of you know, machines and equipment fail. That's way those Chiefs keep making you do those drills over and over. Mr. Murphy is always front and center. This is why it is important to print a hard copy. That smart phone will dead in two years, maybe me too, while Walgreens photo site will be bankrupt or some micro manager will terminate it to save money. Time goes fast, love those memories, soon those memories is all you will have, so print some today, even you can afford 19 cents/print. If your military and need some free photo, then contact me. I'm pretty fast. Believe it, that I owe you more than you owe me, so don't be afraid to ask, see rules in left column.  I'm always really close.
Love ya, Sgt Peter, USAF, Vietnam Vet

Click on this link to see all pic taken of Navy Week in Toledo, Ohio

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