Saturday, August 18, 2012

2012 Pemberville Grand Parade

Today was a beautiful day to be alive. I love being alive, its the best.  My dog, Rhea came too, she really not up to so much stimuli, but for sure she too had a great time at the Grand Parade in Pemberville, Ohio. The people from Pemberville and many surrounding towns were all smiles. I took almost 600 pics, so even if you think you're not here, look again because you are.

Please note, I mix politics with family, because I want to stay alive long enough to play with my grand children, under Obamacare, this will be very unlikely. 

Here are the teasers:

Candidate for Wood County Commissioner, Doris Herringshaw, center with son, Brain, and Husband Paul. Doris is for limited government, reduction when able in our taxes, a desire that Wood County stay business friendly. Doris needs your support, especially during Golden Week. Golden Week is when the BGSU students can register and proxy their vote one week prior to the election. This law was passed by Democratic who can pull unwitting students into their fold, bus them to the court house with cheat sheet in hand, causing an election havoc. We need help folks, education about Golden week is required. Every vote counts.
Current Wood County Commissioner, Tim Brown, right with friend. Tim is a Candidate for Ohio House Seat, District 3. Tim along with Jim Carter has made Wood County number one in employment, saving tax money, and providing services all with less spending. Tim served three terms as Wood County Commissioner, and is ready to represent us in Columbus. You can help Tim by clicking this link. To verify Tim's good public work then check out that WC 2011 annual report via this link. Click this link to see the 2011 WC Annual report. 

I took many pics, so if you see a family or friend, then let them know by e-mailing this URL. Please remember those in the sand box or live below sea level. They love to see your beautiful smiles, knowing the true reason why they're there and fighting for you.

Today's cost at Walgreens is just 19 cents/print. But when you order fifty or maybe hundred or more, it can drop to 10 cents/print with coupon. Get that coupon and order 50 prints, you got $5.00, so then give them away to family and friends. You need to fine that coupon in the Sunday paper or on their web page, read the small print. It's a pretty good bargain. Click this link to see all pic via the Walgreens photo site.

Below is a politic rant, so if want to leave and go see yourself at the Walgreens photo site, then click above, but if not read on.

I got involved in politics in response to our current administration's inability to govern. Increases in taxation is here, look at your social security, medicare, license fees, building permits, now new mandated health care, and yes those land taxes. In 2013, the Bush tax breaks will end. Taxes go up, while your income and purchasing power get less and and less. There's no inflation per the government, but gas is twice as much as it was four year ago. Obamacare is socializing medicine, something of which the government has no idea how to do. Expect cost of medications, medical procedures, mechanical hip and needed joints to be taxed and overall cost increase. Over $700 billion in Medicare funding will be removed, transferred to Obamacare, while expecting everyone, including those who don't want to, to pay higher for their medical insurance. As these events occur many Americans will die,  services and procedures will be cut related to lack of funding or payments to Obamacare, e.g., Medicaid. In turn, less doctors, nurses, medications, and retirement homes will be available for Medicare patients. Overall demand for medical services will override the current medical systems. If your young, your time will come, no one is immortal. Next lecture will be about no non-government jobs, how there lacking is causing everyone to go without.

I am attempting to stop Obamacare via the political system because I think my death may hurt while I truly believe that being alive a little longer is so much better. Politics effect all, but today we see how it effects your wallet and life span on such a grand scale. So you need to get involved, study the issues, ask those questions, register and vote. November 6th is just around the corner. Freedom is a choice of issues, so study them and vote. Every vote counts, but the independents and those who never vote are the most important in this election. Don't let anyone you know who can vote not do so. Convince them to register and vote, we all want them to live longer.

Get involved in the Party of Lincoln, be a maker of, not a reader of, history that is.

Other political events at this blog: 
Republican Meeting for Candidates for Commissioner in Bowling Green, Oh, Feb. 25, 2012

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