Wednesday, August 8, 2012

US Congressman Bob Latta Helps with the Grand Opening of the Maumee Republican Victory Center


Jon sent me an e-mail from Bea Kuhr who invited us to meet at the new Republican Victory Center located at 236 West Dussel Road in Maumee, Ohio. Many acquaintances, both young and not so young, new and not so new were there. The key speaker was US Congressman Bob Latta. I know Bob well, I listen to his speech more than once and today he attacked Obama and his company. So here he is again, fighting for conservative values and families. Bob speech highlights were:
Jobs and economy are stalled related to over regulations, taxes, unknown energy prices, and a government who believes in socialism. Any business must know the rules, but in a constant government shakedown, e.g., the Code of Federal Regulations, are re-written everyday by socialists who dislike small businesses. Energy costs are 100 percent increase since Obama's first day in office. Gas was $1.82/gallon, but now the cost is $3.78/gallon, yet they claim no inflation. Obamacare contains over 21 hidden taxes on the middle class, even if they don't directly effect you, overall cost of care will increase and you pay.  Small business and common folks pay, while those in power play. "All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others", so said George.
Bob proposes three simple polices, these were developed by Reagan, and they worked very well in the 80s, they are: reduce spending; reduce taxation; and repeal or replace obstructive government regulations.
The most important way to accomplish this is to win in November. That you, the grass roots, must carry the battle not with television or radio time but with your feet, that knocking on doors, speaking truth of the candidates, talking with neighbors, family and friends will turn the battle. Politics is always local, so if the local candidate message is heard, then state and national will be heard too.
Candidate for US Congress, Bob Latta. If you want to help Bob, he must run every other year, then contact him via his web site at
Congressman Bob Latta and Central and Executive Committee Jon Stainbrook cutting ribbon at Victory Grand Opening in Maumee, Ohio

State Senator Mark Wagoner, Candidate for Lucas County Commission John Marshall and Bob Latta
Candidate for Lucas County Commission John K Marshal. If you want to help John, then give him a call at 419 882 4634 or e-mail him at

Maumee Council President Richard Carr

Candidate Kenneth Phillips for Judge of Lucas County Court of Common Pleas.

Jennifer Steck of Fox News, Toledo, Ohio. Jenn is the camera woman and the reporter, she does it all. Her mom is so proud. 

Jon and Barb Binkley are into Mitt winning this fall. They e-mail me every day.

I have been photographing Republican events since February. I refuse to standby and watch America become a socialistic nation. Americans are individualist, we do for ourselves. I attended many Republican events and helped with the candidates.  Bob Latta is 100 percent correct when he stated that getting elected is knocking on doors and speaking truth of the candidates. Phone calls are deleted, flyers seem to fine that circular file, but individuals knocking on doors and explaining why they need to vote is the most effective. It comes down to your feet combined with an organized detailed address list. If you want to: see the end of current socialistic government; reduction in inflation; more jobs; less government spending; repeal of Obamacare; less welfare; and an increase in America's military, then contact us today. Just click on this link to get involved: 
You can also call Captain Tina Henold at  1-567-249-3438 to help with Mitt's elections. I am from Wood County so most of my pics and time are in support of Wood County.

Click this link to see all pics taken at the Maumee Republican Victory Center. 

NOTE: If you need pics in support of a Republican Victory, then ask. It's not too hard and I always love a smile. My true love, except the wife, are family pics. Hey I may have captured you in the past, see index above.

Again guys, get involved, be a maker of history, call us, and then canvas hard for that special candidate. Its always local. We need that win in November to return America back to her people.
Love ya, Peter

PS Flash mob, what flash mob?

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