Saturday, September 8, 2012

Family, Friends and Man's (and women too) Best Friends

I spent most the morning canvasing for Jim Carter, he is the current President Commissioner of Wood County, and I want him re-elected. I love Jim, a man who currently saves Wood County residence over one million dollars per year. Well enough politicking, her are some great shots of families and friends, but most of all dogs with their masters. I love dogs, they have a dog brain and can always be forgiven, but they never criticize or talk bad about you behind your back, and they're great listeners and secret keepers. They always love to see you, no matter how late you are or long. They love your cooking, never ever refusing food.

Here are the teasers, all are on Walgreens' photo site, currently only 19 cents/print. See link at end of this page. If you want a deal, check the Sunday paper or their web site. Print some for Mom and your sibs.

Life goes by faster than the speed of sound, just yesterday your mom was yelling at you to get out of bed, and now you  wonder if you need to call her. Love them all up, forgive them, feed them, and most of all celebrate every day with them, for this is all we really have.

Dog are you best friend too, so love them up.  If you see a friend for family member, then forward this link to them. They too love  you, don't forget the military, we are the reason their there.

Hey, if you didn't see your pic here, then it's at the Walgreen site, just click this link to get there. Print some today, soon I too will be gone.

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