Friday, September 14, 2012

BSA at Sabroske Park 2012 in Oak Harbor Ohio

Troop 160, from Millbury, Ohio sponsored the nuclear merit badge training at Davis Besse. This event is annual, being depended on the Davis Besse Plant status. I took my dog Rhea with me, and my camera arm really shook. It was all in great fun. Again the the Chili Mac was great. The days are getting shorter and it's getting colder. Tomorrow, we will teach a 8 classes, while other learn.

Here are today's teasers;

There were more to be taken, but that big ball of fusion in the sky was floating away. You may see all pics at Walgreens just click on the link below. Please forward link to other troops, friends and family. Don't forget that one in the sandbox, you're the reason they are fight for you.

Click this link to see all pics taken at Sabroske Park on September 14th located on Walgreens. You got to log on to the Walgreens' site. Check out this weeks specials, they're pretty good. Use that coupon codes from Sunday's Paper or their web site when ordering a larger number of prints.

To see September 15th pic page during the Radiation class click below
BSA at Davis Besse for Nuclear Merit Badge, Oak Harbor Ohio, September 15, 2012

Link to last year's Nuclear Merit Badge at Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant.

BSA at Davis Besse Training Center, Oak Harbor, OH, May 14, 2011
BSA at Sabroske Park, Oak Harbor, OH, May 13, 2011


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