Saturday, September 15, 2012

BSA at Davis Besse for Nuclear Merit Badge 2012

I'm spent from teaching radiation and such but it is just for love that I do this. These young Americans will one day make their parents and all of America proud. I'm really glad to teach and see them just like their peers from last year, e.g., proud, stubborn, egotistical, full of piss and vigor, and for sure on there way to becoming great Americans.

I enjoyed myself, even when working an 8 hour day. Nothing is better than  a closed and captive audience, just wish we had more than an hour. I do believe I was a Baptist minister in another life, and just love to spat motivational and life lessons. Don't ever give in to that siren called the lowest of low energy level, she beckons you every day for you to go to lower, and some days she wins. Just don't give up. Never ever, ever give in, never give in to her.

Please print some pics today, Walgreen's photo site and me will decay away so capture that moment today. Please forward this URL to all scouts or scout's families, in attendance, don't forget about siblings, parents, military relationships (they do love pics from home), and friends. If you want original pic(s) or something better than 4X6 just ask, universal answer is "Yes", but you need to ask. Good job, Scout Masters, and great food from Troop 160 of Milbury, Ohio.
Love ya all, Sgt Pete

Click this link to see all pics of the BSA Merit Badge Troops with family at Walgreens.
BSA at Sabroske Park 2012 in Oak Harbor, Ohio, September 14, 2012

Link to last year's Nuclear Merit Badge at Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant.

BSA at Davis Besse Training Center, Oak Harbor, OH, May 14, 2011
BSA at Sabroske Park, Oak Harbor, OH, May 13, 2011

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