Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bob and Mary's Fiftieth Anniversary, Walbridge, Ohio

Well, Mary took me up on my offer given at the St. Jerrome's fish fry this Spring. She wanted me to photograph their fiftieth wedding anniversary. Bob and Mary have been blessed to have a great family and many friends, all of which showed up today in Walbridge, Ohio to celebrate. It was my pleasure to save so many memories. Here are the teasers:

There are over 350 pics at Walgreens. This week speical is plus 75 pirnts at 10 cents each. Use coupon code TENCENT75. Please print some today, because soon, I will be gone, while Walgreens declares bankrupcy. Life goes buy very fast, just as Mary and Bob. That print last so much longer. If you want something better, then just call.

Please forward URL to other family and friends, remember those military members, they love you too, and want to see what's going on. Call me if you need some pics, no one can beat my price.

Click this link to see all pics taken of Bob and Mary's Friends and Family

Take care, love them up,

PS Chicken and Kielbasa was great, thank the cook for me.

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