Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tim Brown's Feast of Desserts, Bowling Green, Ohio

Tim Brown, current candidate for Ohio House, District 3, held a desert feast this evening at Snook's Auto Museum in Bowling Green, Ohio. Tim is primed for his Columbus role as an elected representative. Tim is currently Wood County Commission in Ohio. Tim graduated from Bowling Green. Tim's and Jim Carter's position in Wood County has resulted in approximately 1 million dollars saving per year. If you really want proof of Tim's job approval rating, then just check out last year's Wood County Annual Report. It's pretty good and envious of those Commissioners in California. We are a county of savers, not spenders. So please elect Tim so that Ohio House becomes more of a saver than spender.
Here are the teasers:

Candidate for Commissioner, Doris Herringshaw, Current Commissioner and Candidate, Jim Carter, Current Commissioner and Candidate for Ohio House District 3, Tim Brown, Current House Representative for District 3 Randy Gardener, and US Congressman Bob Latta.
Bob Latta with the love of his life.
Time Brown thanking Mrs. Barbara Stout for campaign funds from the Ohio Realtors Political Action Committee


Getting late folks, got to protest tomorrow at the Obama in BGSU, then off to see Mitt and Paul in Toledo., so take a look in two days. It's picture day all day.

Click here to see all pics taken at the Tim Brown event A Snook's Car Museum

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