Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My new Friends at the Stroh Basketball Center

Politics make one meet interesting friends. Today I was in Bowling Green State University in Ohio and I met new friends, both young and old, Americans and foreigners, Republicans and Democrats.

I not much in favor of our current leadership, of course I can go on and on, then lose you. You can just jump to the teasers, if not, below is my spiel.

America is at a pinnacle between socialism and capitalism, or between the state and the individual. This alone is the debate a belief that government will cure all ills while the individual strives for their existence. The 2012 election will determine which way we will go as a nation. I never had much faith in government. I spent almost four years in the military, it was a great learning experience, but back then many politicians sent young boys and girls to early graves. This occurred at Kent State and in rice paddies of Vietnam. Today I fear IPADS, not some new Apple device, but a government agency called the independent physicians advisory panel. These people will determine if my knee replacement is cost effective to my age or that extended care for my Alzheimer is acceptable. My only son may be required to provide care, something I don't want to happen. These scenarios are applicable to all illnesses. As you age it will happen. Inflation and taxation must increase to feed growing welfare programs else the government will default. When Obama wins, the nanny state will become real, and all Americans will pay, either now or later. When the system can't support itself it will collapse (see Greece, Spain, Italy) casing more deaths than Nam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. You are about to make history, to vote for socialism or the individual.  Only in America can one can shoot oneself. Please take care, don't fall for these same lies of 2008, it still the same propaganda. Today there are no jobs, just inflation, more taxation, and less take home pay. You need to vote, yes, but vote intelligently. Look at all the issues. Remember short term gain always leads to long term pain, but short term pain will lead to long term gain. Your children's future is at risk here, don't throw it away. Love ya Sgt Peter
Here are my teasers of the Lot 24, in front of Stroh Center.

At Walgreens, the current cost is $.19/print, so print a dollars worth today, for soon I will be gone and maybe Walgreens too. Nothing last for ever, including America, but I will always desire freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Happiness for me is seeing you smile with family and friends, it never ever gets any better, so just love them up. It goes very fast.

Click this link to take you to Walgreens to see all pics at Lot 24 of BGSU

Please print some up, your family and friends are all that really matters. Walgreens costs are very cheap memory, and no, they don't kick back to me. Already had one request for removal, if you want your pic removed from this site and Walgreens then just say so, I will still love and respect you the same.
Love ya, Sgt Pete

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