Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In the Pursuit of Happiness with Mitt at Seagate Center, Toledo, Ohio

Well, I just can't live with socialism, that the state will take care of me from birth to death. When something is to good to be true then it is just not so. This election is important, and I was glad to see my estimate of over 4000 Americans at this rally. Mitt has a plan for us, and many agree with his five points.
  • Achieve North American energy independence.
  • Improve education and job training, in part by increasing school choice and changing the way teachers are hired and evaluated.
  • Curtail unfair trade practices, especially those of China.
  • Cut the federal deficit by reducing federal spending below 20% of GDP.
  • Champion small business by cutting taxes and regulations, and by overturning Obamacare
We need to go with Mitt, we need to spread the message. I am an individual while never ever trusting the state. This election is our generation's greatest American referendum, should we be socialists or individualists? Please spread the word. Here are my teasers:

At Walgreens, the current cost is $.19/print, so print a dollars worth today, for soon I will be gone and maybe Walgreens too. Nothing last for ever, including America, but I will always desire freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Happiness for me is seeing you smile with family and friends, it never ever gets any better, so just love them up. It goes very fast.

Click this link to take you to Walgreens to see all pics at Seagate Center in Toledo Ohio

Please print some up, your family and friends are all that really matters. Walgreens costs are very cheap memory, and no, they don't kick back to me. Already had one request for removal, if you want your pic removed from this site and Walgreens then just say so, I will still love and respect you the same.
Love ya, Sgt Pete

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