Sunday, September 30, 2012

Run for the Cure, Toledo, Ohio

Many have cancer or know family member who do. I too have an on going battle with basal skin cancer, my sister was not that lucky. Tomorrow morning, I will be off to see my dermatologist for removal. Today, I want to thank you for walking or running in support of the Komen organization. I know that the Susan Koeman people do a great job in raising funds.

Below are the teasers, but if any one wants a picture today, because of tomorrow then call me. I won't charge you anything for this memory. Just declare an emergency and I will be there. I am retired and all pics taken are free to look and copy. Memories are all one has, memories of family and friends are all that matter.

Here are the teasers:

If you got my card, then your photo is above or on the Walgreen's photo site, just click the link below and use the slideshow icon. Please print some today, tomorrow will be too late. I will be gone and the Walgreens photo site too. A print is only $.19 each, something you can afford. Please forward URL to friends and family, don't forget the military.

Click this link to see and print any pic taken at the the Race for the Cure.

Take care, give each other a hug, let them know you love them.
Sgt Pete

PS Check my index, I believe I took a pic of you or a loved one in a past event.Your only three people way in Toledo.

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