Saturday, October 6, 2012

Melissa and Booker's Wedding Day in Toledo Ohio

The wife asked me if I wanted to do a wedding for Melissa, a co-worker. I don't charge family and friends, so I agreed. It was great wedding and reception. All the bride's family and friends had a great time. Family and friends are all we have, so just love them up for what they are. I love weddings the most because my subjects are dressed, they fed well, but most of all is that line dancing and those whiskey sodas. Here are my teasers:

Please print some pic today, family and friends are all we really have, so remember them with a picture of those happy times. Time goes fast, just look at me, soon both me and Walgreens Photo site will be gone. But that pic can last one or two generations before your great great grand child say, "Whose this"? and recycles it.  So love them up for today is all you really have.

If you going to print a greater number, then us the "PRINTFOR40", for 40% off, coupon code, good only this week. Watch the paper or their photo site for a better Walgreen deal, I normally see 10 cents a print but you may have to print 50 or more. I'll make a DVD copy for the new Dodsworth's couple and their mothers.

Click this link to see all pics taken of Booker and Melissa's Wedding in Toledo, Ohio at Walgreens photo site.

Well, that's it. Love ya Peter

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