Monday, October 8, 2012

Paul Ryan Tells All at Toledo Airport, Toledo OH

Today, the good people of Northwest Ohio welcomed Paul Ryan, our next Vice President and future President of the United States. I saw many good friends from past events and made new ones.  Here are some of Paul's highlights:
  • "Strong Military is lead to safety at home" Regan was right and the Empire folded, so will any enemy of us.
  • "We'll call it like it is." Unlike the current administration who is blaming game for Benghazi, were the blame game is placed on a film producer and not the State Department's ineptitude. I call for Hillary's resignation. I am responsible for my actions, so should our elected officials. 
  • "Increase our missile defense capability". Again, from Regan's star war program, but our current administration has allowed Iranian and/or Russian missiles to transverse or enter Polish airspace. We left Poland hanging dry, it just like 1938. We all know how good that turned out. Poland will need us and we will need them.
  • "Current Obama economy is a failure." The current unemployment is 7.8%, but who believes this? I'll believe it when the government's defined inflation rates reflects gas and food. Hell, gas is 4$/gallon and not going down.  Milk is approaching $3/gallon. Just inflate our currency so my savings and pension is worth nothing, then for sure I will have nothing left to lose. When we get there, watch out for many will form that armed militia as allowed by the Constitution.
  • "Missing leadership?" All I can say yes, but it's no leadership. Hell my dog would is better leader, least she knows where to poop. 
  • Paul quoted Jefferson about our rights, not governmental rights, I added some more "There is a duty, or responsibility, to God as the giver of these unalienable rights: a moral duty--to keep secure and use soundly these gifts, with due respect for the equal rights of others and for the right of Posterity to their just heritage of liberty". (see Constitution) 
Well that's enough political spiel, You all need to get out the vote. Do a talk and walk with some UT or Michigan student today. Just show up on campus and spiel them. You get pretty good after three or four spiels. Remember, their there to get a job, so tell them that 50% of those students graduating are not employed in their field, that taxation is coming and more tax collected means less jobs available, that inflation is here and willl increase, that only their vote will matter. Get some pamphlets/handouts from the Republican Party, get involved and talk the walk. (Local election candidates need to be pushed)
Here are my teasers:

Well it's getting dark, and I got chores to do, so here is the link below. Will add some more later.
Please forward link to friends and family and those special in the military. Be sure to vote, thanks to those Moms and Dads who bought their child here. Its just as important for them to learn how to get elected. 

Click this link to see and print (at Walgreens Photo Site) all pics taken at the Ryan event at the Toledo Airport.

Below are links to other pages of  Republican events.
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Candidate for Commissioner, Doris Herringshaw Fundraiser at Klotz Floral, Bowling Green, Ohio, May 31, 2012
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Love them up, your family and friends, for it goes way to fast. 
Love ya Sgt Pete

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