Friday, October 12, 2012

GasCanMan Event in Toledo, Ohio

Donovan desired my services to support an event which highlight inflation and the current administration's energy policies. In November of 2008, gas was selling for $1.84/gallon. Now as of yesterday, it was $3.67/gallon. Why so? I blame the government's ability to micro manage the energy sector in support of green energy. That wind and solar energy will make your car go faster. Never before have so many been fooled. Energy, like any product must compete, and hence will drive the cost downward. When government supports solar over oil, oil prices go up. Guess who pays? You do.

We all need to thank the Friendship BP owner, WSPD, and Steve Gill, Chairman of Morning In  America, Inc. for making this event a great success. We all need to work hard to change our current leadership and his policies. I can go on here, but I know most just want to look at their pictures. So here are the teasers.

I do want a change in government, that less government is better for all. This election is the most important event of our lives. To the left we become socialist, to the right we become individuals. We must remain individualist, that only the individual will do what is efficient, profitable and right for themselves, and in turn grow America for the better. Government, and their workers seems to lacks these characteristics. In government, one doesn't t work hard when positive acts are not rewarded, but worse yet when negative acts are not punished. I can go one, but one needs whiskey, it's way to early.

Vote November 6th, get involved. If you have any event that support less government, then feel free to ask for my support. Love ya, Sgt Pete

Here is the link to Walgreens, so all can see their pic taken at the Friendship Gas Station on Byrne and Heartherdown in Toledo,Ohio.

PS, check out the index of previous postings. For sure you will see a friend or family member. It's free to look at and find that family who smiles together or just that pretty girl. These just makes me smile.

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