Friday, November 2, 2012

Viking Cruise and Prague

Peg and I had a  wonderful time with Viking Cruise. We traveled from Budapest to Nuremberg via a long ship called  the Embla. Many new friends were found and I captured them for me and you forever, well, maybe at least two generations. All are being posted to Walgreens photo site, will attempt to post those continental folks to Baxter or Astor, but for now I am running out of time. Seems I'm on hot standby in response to Hurricane Sandy. I am a nurse for the American Red Cross and may be leaving any hour, so here the what I got. Will work on this page as time permits, but remember, this site is always being revised, edited, updated and change. I have found out that the English language is very hard and I'm been speaking and writing it for over 55 years now. Love ya, Peter

Never was called by the Red Cross, but still on standby. Want to thank the crew of the Embla for their outstanding service. It was a great cruise. I'm saving for my next one, maybe in 2016.

Here's my teasers, link to Walgreens is at the very bottom.

Click this link to see all pics at the Walgreens Photo site. You got to log in with a valid e-mail.

Click this link to see and print those who live in Great Britain or on the Continent via Snap fish phot site, Need to check on the country your in. 

If you still can't print and/or you really want too then send me the photo ID number like DSX1234, and I will e-mail the original pic to you.

These pics can be used free of charge by Viking if they desire so. Feel free to use them for any group meetings. Pics make everyone smile, making all happy. Don't forget your mother and friends, just send them the URL above, they miss you sailors and still love you. If the Embla ever makes it to Lake Eire, e.g., be careful crossing that pond, then just look me up. I'm near Toledo, Ohio in flyover country.

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  1. Glad you had a great time Pete, Praying for your safe travels and for your family on Long Island. Call me when you get back.