Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Red Cross Meets Sandy, Week 1

Hi Boys and Girls, I was in Germany when Sandy hit, so I figured I missed the fun of deployment. But no, Diane from Northwest Ohio Chapter call Sunday afternoon, and I've been running since. Right now I'm at my brothers house in Long Island. We get a day off every 6, not much when working 12 hour days. I hope to use this site for our chapter and others to see what we do. I can't take picture of the people we help, but I can of other volunteers, provided I have their ok. So here's my story. I need to keep it by date, but not so. Hey if you want to help, just call the Red Cross, get involved, help someone, it's better to live by helping others than just read about it.

Arriving White Plains, NY, Headquarters, this is our co-ed volunteer RC shelter located at the YMCA.

Dave, I believe, Regional Director in Missouri at YMCA at White Plains 

Nurse removing two day old splinter, need some names here.

A Tennessee Son, just another volunteer.

Bus ride to NY Headquarters

At Manhattan HQ with Diane St, Denis, right with co-worker. Need name here.

EMT Rick, Mental Health Worker Carole and me, warming benches at Bronx Lehman College.  

Now on USS Write, a freighter, with Willy, she the RC Shelter Manager.

Kitchen Staff on USS Wright

Goodbye pic of RN Jeanna with me, RN Amy, RN Leeann, and Mental Health Worker John at Bayley Seton Evacuation Center on Staten Island

Cafeteria workers at Bayley Seton, Helen,  and Joe Ann, the head cheeses in the front row, while the real workers are Steve, Lisa, and Lynsey. The guy with the beard is Ray, who is logistic for Project Hospitality.   

Helen, Susan, and Barbara

Tappas Restaurant had Red Cross Fundraiser. $50 for open bar and buffet, so I got drunk pretty fast. Thanks to Jeanna, I didn't get in trouble.

Eating breakfast, big boy here. He sleeps next to me.

Cafeteria Kitchen Crew, names unknown.

Best Birthday ever, got cheese cake, helped good people, and got some motherly and fatherly love from my peers. Thanks a lot guys, it meant a lot. Mmm, cheese cake too.

Kitchen crew, looking hot.

My second wife, Leeann, Don't let number one know.

Lisa from Dept of Health, can we say novovirus?

Mental Health volunteers at Bayley Seton

Case workers at Bayley Seton

Me, Leeann, Amy, and Kyle. This is morning turnover on station. Note, Amy and Leeann are leaving on Wednesday, maybe sooner. We play supervisor tag.  Don't ever be it.

AmeriCorps, like Roosevelt's CCC, need name, he was reading on the floor near my bunk.

We sleep in coffins, just like them sailors. Can't turn, can't dress, and can't get in. It takes time and practice. The ship can hold 300 of us.

USS Wright and USS Kennedy

Nancy and Veronica at White Plains getting orientation training.

Second night at Double tree in Manhattan. A queen bed, toilet, bath and flat screen, and  they make your bed too. Wow, only lasted one night, then coffin time.

LSAP is the RC security. Their checking Leeann out for contraband, seems her past has caught up with her, seems  Dunkin Donuts are missing a lot of creamers. 

Mental  Health worker John with first turn over to Tom on USS Wright. Turnover was fast. Say hello, then goodbye.

Case Worker Caryn and Irene (not related to last year's event)

My mom making me meatballs and spaghetti on my day off. Seems I'm always in search of her spaghetti, but only finding it with her.

That the first week. Don't how many more I can take, or even if anyone is looking. All pics are at the Walgreens site. If you want the original for business, PR, or because you just want it, then get pic number from Walgreens site and ask me. Print some from Walgreens, because time goes buy fast. Family and friends are all we have, so love up this time of true giving. Check back in one or two weeks to see more. I may re-up for 21 days, but won't know till Friday.

Forward URL to friends and family, for they too love you.

Click this link to see Red Cross Meets Sandy pics at the Walgreen sites.
You may need to log on to site with valid e-mail.

Red Cross Meets Sandy, Week 2 and 3, December 5, 2012

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