Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Red Cross Meets Sandy, Week 2 and 3

Hi, I returned from NYC on Monday evening, still in recovery mode. Caught a cold somewhere, hopefully I did not spread it to others. Sandy taught me many things about myself, the Red Cross, other members, and the people we helped.

Warning, Google just imposed a limit at 1 G, while I have 1.45 G, but anything under 6400 pixels is free, working on this, but in the meantime all are at  the Walgreen site. I needed to reduce pics to 800 pixels on the long side, so if they copy unclear, then check the copy at Walgreens, if you want the original, just ask.

Bob and Tom, Mental Health at Bayley Seton, believe or not their initial job was watching us

Kyle, FEMA with good advice, not to mention that money thing.

Mental Health Bob with FEMA Robert Gamer

Rick, me and Arisa at Bayley Seton Health Services

Me with Elisabeth, just a good friend :)

Weekend Mental Health Workers (Sara on left?)

Me with Congressman and Pastor Al Sharpton. No, I didn't get to cry about the election, e.g., I was in NYC.

Americorp, outstanding individuals.

Kyle (FEMA), Sam(MH), and Colleen (RN)

Visiting Wellness RNs from the USS Wright

There are many beautiful families on Staten Island, this is my true love.

Dimaris, Karen? and Trish Mental Health
Mt Manresa Mass Care

Americorp, last day at Mt. Manresa

NYC Health Inspectors

Mt Manresa had great donated food.

Me with Bayley Seton Mass Care

Departing Mass Care Workers

Two new arriving Mass Care Workers on left.

USS Wright Chefs, I get to see my MD this week, so I'm just going to blame you, thanks for the great food.

Americorp on USS Wright watching Cheesehead Football

Kyle on USS Wright in A.M.


Mixed RC workers

ERV drivers, they dispense food to those repairing or living in a home with no utilities for daily living.

Spent time with my niece, traveling to NYC

Bailey Seton crew, me, Leonza, Kyle, Colleen, Rick and Trish in front.

Diane St.Denis (RN manager) with RN Kyle and FEMA Kyle

Welness RNs

Dimaris help make this sign in Spanish, e.g. wash your hands because we wanted to limit pink eye.

Bayley Seton front view

Don't know their names, but two left RC workers were investigating missing persons related tot he storm. Can one say being a Detectives and looking for clues.

Last day on USS Wright. Me, Mary and Leonza.

Mary with Ryan ( I beleive)

RC Relations, really important in documenting those RC individual who exceed their ability to get along with others.

Processing out Staff in Manhattan.

BOF on Manhattan

My nice and her boyfriend.

Be careful with some airlines policies toward baggage. Will start writing my letters today. Rips offs maybe; complaints yes, need to speak with BBB and FTC, maybe FAA too.
Well that's it for me. I'm still a little sick, e.g., just a cold, but overall still tired. It really takes a lot out of one,e.g., 12 hour days, six days per week, sleeping in a coffin, eating way too much, and missing those you love. Still it was a great experiences. I learn many new nursing skills, some I forgot, and learn a lot about volunteers, the good people of Staten Island and how cheap and great the food is.  It was a great adventure, something we RC volunteers will always remember. If you got the time and the skill, go visit and volunteer at the RC. It takes time to work ones way into a desired position, but just ask, how can I help? They will show you the way. If you got question about Sandy or the RC then just ask. If you want the original pic(s), just ask, and if you want to help others then just ask any RC office. They will be happy to get you started.

Oh ya, I forgot. They will take any donation$ you got. My trip was paid with those donations, so please give a little, and thank you for giving if you already had. Someday someone, somewhere a Red Cross Volunteer will help someone you love.

Please forward link to loved ones, they will love to see you. Print some at your local Walgreens, it only 19 cents, cheaper if you get fifty of them. Hard copies are always better, Walgreens will go away and even Google can be gone. So print some for those who love you.

Link to Walgreens to see Red Cross and Sandy for Weeks 2 and 3

Red Cross Meets Sandy, Week 1, November 20, 2012

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