Saturday, December 8, 2012

St. Jeromes's 50th Birthday Party

Hi, I had a great time last night, I love capturing family and friends, this is one my life goals. To remember each other in good times is great, but to love each other for today is way so much better, so take the time to show that love. Life goes way too fast, just look at me.

Yesterday was truly a good time and God was present in spades, maybe I should say hearts. Bishop Blair honor us with his present, Father Shield and other past St. Jerome's Priest were there too,  remembering those times not so long ago. I saw Sister Diane, my favorite Principal.

Here are my teasers, but Google clamped down on my memory, or should I say their memory, but allows me to up load 800 pixels on the long side, but for better clarity and to see all go to Walgreens. If any want the original, then send me an e-mail. Will copy DVD for Brett.

Teasers below:

Mary, come over and see me. Peter

Well, I saw many of you at the 2012 Friday Fish Fry this year, I still have over 200 pics in the basement and yes, they're coming back for 2013 fish fry. Here are those links, if you did not get your pic, then call me, they're in the basement on poster board, collecting dust, looking for a good home. They're real lonely and need a loving eye. Click on these links below to see if you remember me taking your pic, call me if did not receive them. I had Walgreens print almost 700 pics, many already given away.
Sixth Fish Fry at St. Jerome's Parish, March 30, 2012
Fifth Fish Fry at St. Jerome's Parish, March 23, 2012
Fourth Fish Fry at St. Jerome's Parish, March 16, 2012
Third Fish Fry at St. Jerome's Parish, March 9, 2012
Second Fish Fry at St. Jerome's Parish, March 2, 2012
First Fish Fry at St. Jerome's Parish, Feb. 24, 2012

Below is the link to see all pics at St Jerome's 50th birthday, just a click away. But you got to log on with an e-mail address, use a junk mail address to limit spam. If you want original pic(s), get the pic number from the walgreen site and and e-mail me with it.  Please forward link to other family members and friends, don't forget those in the military. We are the reason they're fighting for us.

Click this link to see all pics of the St. Jerome's 50th Birthday Party

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