Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ploy Vayavongs, Birthday Girl of Northwood, Ohio

Yesterday, Usa, sister of Ploy, called for my services at the Bangkok Cafe in Northwood, Ohio to take pictures of her sister, Ploy and friends. It was Ploy's birthday and she and her guest wanted memories. I try to visit the cafe, not to see Ploy or Usa, but to eat well once a week. I love Thai food the most, and can eat it every day, and the Bangkok has the best Thai food in all of Northwest Ohio. Anyway, one can never say no to pretty girls who are having their nails done, eating pizza and hanging out. It was a great celebration of Ploy's eleventh birthday. Here are the teasers:

I will print some up this week at Walgreens. There is a 10 cent/print sale this week. Here is the link to see all the pics I took yesterday. Have a great year Poi. Don't eat too much, study hard, and be happy every day. Do you still want to be Doctor or Engineer? You need to study math and science.
Click this link to see all of Poi's b-day pic on Feb. 9th, 2013 at Walgreens.

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