Friday, February 15, 2013

First 2013 Fish Fry at St. Jerome's Parish

This year I am again photographing all seven fish fries. Least I hope to do all but one never really knows where God will lead him or her. If you missed last years here the revised game plan. I print some, not all, of families and couples who I think would want them. These will be posted next Friday on the wall in the cafeteria. Each week I will repeat this until the seventh week, then the remaining pics, if allowed by Father Eric, will be placed in the church hallway for three weeks and you can pick these up after mass. A visit to the Friday Fish Fry at St. Jerome will not only feed you but give you that love which will out last those hunger pains.  Last year pics are getting lonely because nobody loves them. They're on the west wall, and will be heading toward dipsy-dumpster wall after Easter.

These pics are my gift to you, but it would be nice to donate some green to the church, and you are all free to do so. All pics can be seen and printed via the Wallgreens' link below. If you want the original pic file, just ask. Better yet call me for a family shoot. Check out the list of index of previous postings, I know you know someone that I photographed, it could even be yourself. I love them smiles, here are the teasers for the first 2013 fish fry.

Well I think all had a great time and ate well. Time does march on, and that is the one reason I do this. Friends and family are all we really got. So love them up and cherish them today, for tomorrow may just be too late. Please forward link to other family members, don't forget those in the sandbox, for they surly miss you much. Look for that print next week on the wall, just take it.
Love ya Peter

Click this link to see the First 2013 Fish fry at St Jerome's Parish

To see last year Fish Fries, click on link below for that week: All are found at snap fish photo site, while today's pics are found at the Walgreen photo site.

Seventh, Fish Fry at St. Jerome, April 6 2012
Sixth Fish Fry at St. Jerome, March 30, 2012

Fifth Fish Fry at St. Jerome, March 23, 2012
Fourth Fish Fry at St. Jerome, March 16, 2012
Third Fish Fry at St. Jerome, March 9, 2012
Second Fish Fry at St. Jerome, March 2, 2012
First Fish Fry at St. Jerome, Feb. 24, 2012

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