Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 Cheer for a Cure at Genoa High School

Another successful Cheer for a Cure in Genoa Ohio. A great thank your for Maria Maluchnik, her friends and family, in putting on this event to fight cancer. Hopefully, I will be at the 4nd Annual Sylvania "Cheer For A Cure" Championship in March or April sometime, I missed it last year. Today had too many teams for my body, it's getting on, my body, so next year I will break the day in half. I need to fit everyone in, only a.m. cheerleaders are found here. Sorry if I missed you in the p.m, but do not fear, just call me, for you any shoot is free. See my rules above.

I love your smiles the best. Please print some for mom, dad, and grandma, only 19 cents per print at Walgreens or watch for sales. If you want the original pic, then ask, universal answer is yes, but you got to ask with a please. Remember to look at my index of previous post, to see below other cheer for the cure events. Please love and help each other everyday, and give your dad a great hug, he's worth it, oh yes mom too. I know all had a great time and that Stella is watching all. Love them up every day and in every way. Here are the teasers:

Again I am sorry for the p.m. cheers, but don't fret, just have your coach call me. If you want a family or best of friends pic, then they're free, nobody beats free, so come to the St. Jerome's Fish Fry in Walbridge, Ohio, during Lent. Just show up any Friday after 5 but before 7 p.m. and I will take your pic. I want family and friends here, so appease me. See next page to see what I do. 

Save some time and use the accelerator dial on the snap fish slide show to go through these, else you may get slide show disgust (SSD) and never reach the end. If I took your pic, then it will be there, keep looking.

When you see a friend or family, then write the pic number down, and them let your brother, mother, dad, and friends know, oh they may need the ULR address so copy from above. Please let those in the military know too, we love our freedom, and they should know the reason why they are fighting. As always, love ya, Pete

Click this link to see all pics from the 2013 Cheer for Cure at Genoa High School 

To see passed Cheer event click on the link below. Guess who grew taller, if not wider? Check it out. 
Cheer for a Cure, Genoa, Ohio, Feb. 18, 2012 
Cheer for a Cure at Genoa High School, February 19, 2011
Cheer for a Cure, April 16, 2011

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  1. Thank you very much for taking the pictures for us! You're GREAT!!!