Saturday, April 20, 2013

Usa's Birthday Party at the Bangkok Cafe

Today, Toy, owner of the Bangkok Cafe, called me to photograph  Usa's birthday. I beleive this is my third year doing this for them, and her girls get bigger and more beautiful each year, while I just get wider and slower. We all know, for I talked with Usa's parents and teachers that one day she will be President, or Director of the Universe. We can only hope. She received gifts from friends near and far. Here some teasers, all are at Walgreens. Study hard Usa, for with great minds, comes even greater responsibility.  Here are the Teasers, all at Walgreens.

 Hope all have a great time, there was this green ice cream. Thanks Toi, for the Pad Nam Plik Pow, like always I went home and ate it right away. I don't believe in aging food. The Bangkok Cafe is a hidden jewel of restaurants in Northwood, Ohio. If you don't believe me, see what other say by clicking this link.  

Click here to see all pics taken of Usa's party at Walgreens photo site. 


  1. interesting.. I wanna try this also..

  2. Wow great capture...Here for the blog for birthday party kids birthday parties nyc