Friday, May 17, 2013

2013 Davis College Graduation, Toledo Ohio

Last night I visited with the 2013 graduating class of Davis College. The family and friends of such were there to congratulate them on their success. I love school, the classes, the learning, the discipline of obtaining a goal. But the two best thing school are focused achievable goals and great friends. So make a new goals to get that a new degrees. After all commencement is just the beginning, But even better, make new friends and welcome those new family members too. For family and friends are all we have.  Love them all up, for it goes way too fast. Here are my teasers, running late for working on nights is taking it's toll.

To see all 2013 DC Graduation Pictures, then click this link to Walgreen's, only 19 cents/print better hurry. 

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