Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dog Lovers in Lucas County, Toledo, Ohio

We adopted a rescue dog two years back. Her name is Rhea, a Jack Russel with wire coat. We love her much, while she trains us well. She is sleeping now, next to me, on the couch. Dogs are different, they truly love their masters no matter what. They're much better than my cat. My dog thinks I'm king, my cat thinks she's queen. We do love them both. So here are some other dog lovers that I found at the Rec Center in Toledo, Ohio.

Hope all are having a great time at the fair grounds. Love those dogs up, for their time is much short than ours. They never complain, always listen well, will defend you, and most of all are glad to see you, something not even your children, parents or significant other may do.

Photographing dogs is a new skill set, since they really don't understand head up, look this way, lets see some happy teeth, etc.....  But if you want a family shot with you dog(s), just check my rates. Life is too short not to be remembered. Love them up, but love those family and friends too. 

Here is the link to see all my Dog pics at the Lucas Fair at Walgreens.

If you want the original, just e-mail me. Don't forget to forward URL to other loved ones, especially those in the military.

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