Thursday, June 6, 2013

Veterans at Mudhens, Toledo, Ohio

This week, 1370 AM radio announced that it was Vietnam Veterans week or such, and with free Mudhen's tickets, so I drove down to the Veterans Commission and picked some up. I'm a Vietnam vet. I came back with a lot of baggage. I still drag that baggage around, but I cope. I do love my fellow vets and wish them all well. This country was founded upon veterans, who for some gave it all. We need to thank those who did and for sure those who will. Here are the teasers, all are up loaded to Walgreens. If you don't see your pic, then go to Wallgreens.

Please forward URL to those who love you and want to see you. If you're a vet and need some help, then ask. All pics taken are at Walgreens, so for 19 cents each, buy at least, five.  That immortality thinking is not going to last forever, but a good pic will last at least one or two generations. Someone, somewhere in the future will love to see you. For today, love them all up, for you know how short time can be. If you have a family re-union or such, then see my rates. I'm in it for love of family. Take care, love you too. Sgt Pete, Vietnam Vet, USAF

Click this link to see all pics of Veterans at the Mudhen's game at Walgreens 

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