Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Davis Besse June 9th Reunion in Graytown, Ohio

Mike Derivan came back, and he instilled many friends to show up in Graytown, Ohio to talk of those good old time, least those we want to remember. These folk are retires (mostly) of Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant at Oak Harbor, Ohio. Most are now looking grayer and older, but as a whole always feeling young. Life is too short not to re-live past events, to glow in those good memories. So here are mine via my DB links below. If you're in the area and want or need my services then just ask.


I do impose, for your image is fleeing. Hell, who would believe that Mike was still alive? Time marches forth and we must somehow remember and reflect. I choose to do this for friends and family, so please call me. No body can beat my rates. Your time is way too short. Enjoy each other today. Print some for tomorrow, hey they're only 19 cents/print, which you can afford.

It was great to see, and hope to see you soon. In the meantime, have great life and love these days. Love ya all, Pete. 

Click here to see all pics taken in Graytown this day at Walgreens photo site.

Click this link to see pics I took in the 1990 to 2006 at DB at Snapfish photo site.

This link is DB pics some from 1980s, just click here, not much. 
I do have 1999 to 2001 DB Bashes, do you remember these? Some are just reprints from the second link.  

Here are some other events, of which you may know some folks in recent times.

My Revised Davis-Besse Family, Oak Harbor, OH  November 14, 2011

Gary's Call Out at Anna's Restaurant, Davis Besse Folks, January 23, 2011

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