Saturday, July 20, 2013

2013 Kristine Mugge's Family Reunion, Perrysburg, Ohio

Kristine called last week, my cell phone is a secondary phone to me, so I return her call late via her answering machine. I never did confirm with her. But, I lucked out to find all her clan home. I've been taking Kristine's clans pic like forever. This clan is the best, for they truly they love each other. Never a family reunion is so great, so many hearts, so many smiles. Family is all we got, and her family really lucked out, they are wealthier, e.g., with love, than anyone. Money wealth is nice to have, but I would give it all away to be part of this love feast. I am overwhelmed and blessed whenever I show.  Hey, maybe this is why God has kept me here so long. Remember these times, for they are truly the best. Print some at Walgreens, just click on the link below.

Here are my teasers, all are at Walgreens. 

Click this link to see all pics at the Walgreen photo site. You got to log in. Will attempt to print some and DVD these by noon. 

The 2012 Kristine Mugge's Family Reunion, Perrysburg, Ohio, July 28, 2012


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