Saturday, October 26, 2013

BSA at Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant, Oak Harbor, Ohio

I spent over twenty five years at DB, it was the best of times. My peers at work were all outstanding. They are educated, trained, determined, honest, and most of all motivated. Some characteristics that I learned there, are the same for those in the Boy Scouts of America. First there is that persistence of accomplishments, Boy Scouts never ever give up. You got to do it or die. Perseverance is your middle name. The winner belongs to those who show up, never giving in. Second there is integrity. At Davis Besse, we always tell the truth, what is right is might. A Scout's integrity, e.g., his honesty, is like a foundation on a super skyscraper. It will hold solid while the building sways, not like tents in the wind. Keep that integrity, for it is the bedrock of all your life travels. Last of course, is the Scout's attitude. Boy Scouts know that the glass is never half empty or half full, that we never live in a vacuum. That happiness is here today all around you. So you must look and love it all. Boy Scouts have no time for sad sacks, it way too short, life that is.  So smile, make others smile too, every day in every way. Enough of this, here are the teasers:

We need to thank Randy Burke for his time and effort in organizing such event. It takes time, work and effort. To give to others is so much better than to take, for you're accomplishments are Randy's rewards. Your time will come to do the same. For today, please thank him and the Millbury BSA Troop for their service. 

One must log into Walgreens photo site with a valid e-mail. Please print some, it's only twenty cents a print, and you can pick them up at Walgreens. Can one beat twenty cents for a lifetime of memories? Print a dollars worth, mom will love you more, and you're worth it.

Well, if you made it this far, 
Then click here to see all BSA pics taken at DB in 2013 at the Walgreens Photo site.

Love ya too, SgtPete

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