Sunday, February 9, 2014

WInter on Eastpointe Drive, Northwood, Ohio

It's been a long winter, I'm way behind in events related to being snow bound. It's really getting old, not to mention it just being cold. Mark & Timmy and Bill & Jen families are found here, not much more, they're in walking distance. Still playing with my new camera, so some of these are just to bright, but it could be the 100 percent reflective white snow. Who would know? I do now.

Well who would know that snow is just like sun light, only it's everywhere. I love shade because one does not squint, but everywhere snow blinds as well. Still need some more work with my camera settings. But it was quick and I did capture some memories. Will attempt again soon. Will work on a print tonight. So check you mail box soon. 
Here is the link to Walgreens for today shoot, not many, below this the link from Halloween.

Click this link to see Halloween Pic from October 2013.

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