Friday, January 17, 2014

DB Friends at Porkys, Oak Harbor, Ohio

On Facebook, Cindy wrote about a retirement party for her, Rex, and Diane. I figured to grab some pic of my long lost family because one is never ever getting better looking. So here are my over exposed but under-priced pics. Overexposed is related to my new camera. It always a learning experiences. But always better to have something than nothing. All pics taken are uploaded to Walgreens photo site, with linked below, but you got to create an account with a valid e-mail address.

I have been working nights, so my free time is short. Got to sleep soon, but I know many want to see.  Call me for that family wedding or reunion, time goes by so call sooner than later. I'm looking for beautiful families and with great smiles.  See my rates to the left. I will give you the DB discount. Forward link to those who love you, please do not forget the military for you are the reason they are there.
Click this link to see all pics taken of my DB Family at Porkys on Jan 17th.

For your procrastination pleasure, below are some other DB links within this blog, of which you may be in.  

A Davis Besse June 9th Reunion in Graytown, Ohio, June 9, 2013

Mike Sheppard's Golf Outing, October 21, 2010 

My Revised Davis-Besse Family, Oak Harbor, OH  November 14, 2011

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