Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mary Lindsey Christmas Special

I play golf, least I say I play golf, with Dave on warm summer days. It's a guy thing. He called last week and wanted some family pics of his clan, so here I am. It was a great outing with many children to celebrate Christmas with their grandmother and great-grandmother. Some of these are going to make my two generation goal.  Here are the teasers, all are uploaded at Walgreens. You got to log into the Walgreens photo site with an active e-mail address. Will print something nice for Mary and her greatest son-in-law David, least that's what he told me.

Teasers below:

A young-en, called cranky-pants..... :(


It took awhile to load all these pics, so that's my excuse. All pics can be found at the Walgreens site below. I live close to Mary, so call if you want something else. My purpose is families, and you all meet that requirement. Please forward URL to others who might love to see you. Don't be bashful, memories last so much longer with a pic, it truly brings happiness today and even tomorrow. 

Click this link to see all pics of of Mary Lindsey Clan taken in Orgeon, Ohio in December of 2013.

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