Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Families of Venita and Eric

I now work at Concord Care Center in South Toledo. My good coworker is Venita Garret, a hard working woman with a great son and daughter. I met her family at the Toledo Museum. Her you son is in the US Army and looking might fine. Her beautiful daughter is about to become a police officer. Venita did right in raising her children well. 

I met Eric and his family tonight arriving at the movie theater at Franklin Park Mall. Just to let you know, Eric is not the husband of Venita, but works at Davis-Besse. Eric has three children, but the oldest is working tonight. His wife, and two youngest were with him. I took some family pic there. 

Finally, waiting for the movie to start, we were two hours early, I met John, an young Vietnam Vet who served along side me in the early seventies. I love vets the most, because they truly know what freedom cost. Here are my teasers, prints are 100 for $9.99 this week at Walgreens, so I'll print some up. You got to log into the Walgreens photo site with an active e-mail address.


Well it was a wonderful night in Toledo. I met some old friends, some current friends, and some new friends. Life is very quick, just look at me. Enjoy them now, hug them hard, and call me next time they're all together.  

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