Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Zellers' Clan of Perrysburg, Ohio

I was eating lunch with Matt on Friday, we both work nights. He just returned from a training adventure in Atlanta. He mentioned a family get together so here I am in Perrysburg at his Mom house. They are a lively clan with much humor and love. Here are the teasers:

Well, still attempting to figure out those elusive flash settings, too bright in some places, but will persevere. 

It was a pleasure to fine all of you. Your smiles are simple while your love is great. Hope you enjoy, print some up for posterity, for time can't be stopped. Call me for that get together in the spring, outside. Matt pays for everything. Below is a link to Walgreens so you can print and share these. Forward my URL to those who love you and would love to see you, don't forget the military. Have a great Merry Christmas.

Click this ink to see all the Zellers' Pics via the Walgreens Photo Site

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