Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Family of Dave and Jamie Imlay in Curtice, Ohio

Jamie put the word out that she was looking for a photographer for some family pics. Jamie and Dave have a wonderful family. Christmas is a wonderful time for grandchildren. Time goes fast so let me take that pic. Remember I am an artist in search of subject material. If you got what I want then call me. I want families who truly love each other. Here are my teasers.


Well, still attempting to get that flash right. Perfection is a never ending. At Walgreens, wait for a sale and print fifty (one should get $.10/print) or so and then give them away. Will print a 8X10 when able and deliver with DVD, expect delay, for others call and there is work. So just love them all, tell them, time is short, and they are all we have. Have a merry and happy life. Don't forget, I am always in search of subjects, so please call again, e.g., Easter time is good, only 10 minutes away.  I want to thank you for gift, but the real gift to me are your similes, forever remembered as good times.

Below is the link to Walgreens, please forward URL to other family members.  
Click this link to see all pics of the 2013 Imlay's Family at the Walgreens Photo Site. 

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