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Northern Wood County Republican Club (NWCRC), March Meeting Highlights, Perrysburg, Ohio

Warning: This page is political, favoring Republicans, those who don't care should not read this, it may make you mad. Sorry, but I believe everything right after The Good Load, family, and friends comes politics.
On Monday evening, a day I normally work or recover, I found myself at the Northern Wood County Republican Club meeting. I have many friends there, who I met in 2012. That year I attempted to have Mitt and Josh elected. I failed, but not because I tried, but because Wood County Republican lacked turnout and enthusiasm. This Blog is for family and friends, but every so often I put politics here. Politics is everywhere. You may not want to be involved politics, but  politics will be involved in you. Just look around, Obamacare is about to hurt you and your family both physically and financially. We could of change this in November of 2012, but failed. Enough of the past, we must always focus on the present.

The meeting highlights are: 

Brody Walters, Perrysburg Planning And Zoning Administrator has an excellent presentation of current events within Perrysburg. Here are some highlights, this what I heard, so please let me know if I get something wrong..:{

Mr. Brody Walters with Mr. Jon Smith, President of NWCRC.

COSTCO: Location desired based upon an old real estate sales doctrine of importance, which one may recall and is reduced to “location, location, location.” COSTCO open 600 stores, not a one has closed, they know how to choose, see above real estate law. Stores out-lots are required to offset large lot cost, these to be similar design as COSTCO store. Traffic should not be a problem peak time is 5-6 pm, Some nearby streets intersections could be modified, COSTCO is a distention store, hence is not directly competing with other local stores. In contrast to todays Blade article, movement of a gas line is not that expensive or hard to do. Kroger store was planned like so, but left because of opposition for Sylvania with jobs and her tax base. It may come down to not in my backyard versus a hunger for work? We are people of free commerce, and not any individual’s well being. UPDATE: COSTCO location was approved.
Perrysburg Water Front: City hired consultant group to think big, connect all parks together with an America Disability Act, e.g. no crush stone, acceptable river boardwalk. Right of way already there via some large pipe along the river, e.g., good base, because it is packed. Just need design (wood, plastic, cement), lighting, cost, and approval. I think it comes down to money, only the City Council will know. I live in Lake Township, so do not ask me.  It would be nice to run this route during the annual glass city marathon.

Secretary of State's regional representative, Tim Monaco, was present, giving the current state for the Libertarian Candidate for Governor, a Mr. Charlie Earl. Best of what I figure is that Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted, identified that during petition drive for Mr. Earl, the petitioners did not state they were being paid. The petition must state as such so on back of the petition. This led to invalid petitions and removal of Mr. Earl’s name from the ballot. They were expecting a Judge to call a “Stay” meaning that the primary ballot would stay in Columbus, e.g. being changed to reflect adding Mr. Earls name or not. However the Judge said “No Stay”, which caused the State Board of Elections to issue the ballot without Mr. Earls name. Some questions arise here. Was Mr. Husted attempting to prevent a libertarian candidate who would take away votes from Mr. Kasich? Or was Mr. Husted following the law. Currently, the Judge say “yes, e.g.,  no stay.” Let the lawyers’ talk and judges’ judge. Politics is mean. We need to ask Mitt and Josh how mean it is. Am I in favor or Mr. Earl? No, not today. Mr. Kasich has some faults, but Mr. Earl takes conservative votes away, in turn leads to a Democratic Governor, which I oppose. Mr. Earl is somewhat beneficial for pushing the Republican party more to the right. It would better if libertarians would join us in changing the Republican Party from within. This is more doable than establishing a third party. We welcome all new voices, new ideas, new immigrants, and those new students who want to learn. Come to our meetings, There not hard to find.

November Madness

On a happy note, Mr. Jon Smith wanted us to play an election madness brackets, like March Madness play offs. It was ok, but it came down to who you wanted to run and become President in 2016.  Here Jon’s list of potential players and weighted as such and my picks in order or importance.
My logic in picking the next Republican Presidential Candidate and hence our President is based upon the following. Congressional representative and Senators are out because we need someone with management experience within government. Community organizers and such do not need apply. Therefore, top 8 are all governors. Next ranking based upon who can talk and walk the walk. I believe Scott Walker comes out first. Governor Walker still must win re-election, which is a given considering he squashed the dem’s triple recall and/or court cases against him. Not to mention he turned a $8.5B negative to $1.5B surplus budget. No one comes close to what he did in Wisconsin.  He is better at walking the talk than talk-en about it. He is proven, something we drastically need in DC.
The Republican Primary is May 6, 2014.   

Our current Wood County Commissioner, Doris Herringshaw is running within the primary. I know her well and she already has served almost two years, replacing Tim Brown. We all need to ensure Doris wins the Primary, so please go out and vote. If you want to see how good she is doing check out this link to the Wood County 2013 Annual Report.   

The Party of Lincoln was established in 1850s or so. It's gray area, but we have survived and prospered.  After all there was that war of northern aggression or was it a war of southern independence succession. A study may be needed. Republicans believe in free markets, freedom of choice, the power of the individual to make and create happiness for themselves. If you want to be a maker of history versus your current status of a couch sitter that just bitches and complains, then click this link and visit us. It's never to late to change your society for the better. We need help all the time. just look around, it's never too late. 

Below are some pics, not many took, so if you want the original, then e-mail me. I hope to have more hits on a political post versus pictorial. It's my work schedule which keeps me away from other Republican functions. If desired, then please leave a comment, just be civil and stay on topic. I’m the web master for this site and will exercise control.

Below is a list of our 2014 Candidates. Please review this list, remember the names of those local officials who spend your Wood County Tax money wisely. :)

John Kasich and Mary Taylor Governor and Leiutenant Governor
Mike Dewine Attorney General
Dave Yost Auditor of State
John Husted Secretary of State
Josh Mandell Treasurer
Tim Brown State Representative
Doris Herringshaw County Commissioner
Mike Sibbersen County Auditor
Alan Mayberry Judge - Common Pleas Court
David Woessner Judge - Common Pleas Court, Probate and Juvenile Division

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