Thursday, March 13, 2014

OCC Basic Peace OFficer Academy Graduation Ceremonies

Cadet Garrett's Mom requested my presents at this ceremony. I'm always looking for a venue of smiles and love, and yes, another found. In my younger days I was a traffic cop. Yep Commander Wiederman was correct, traffic laws are the worst. Anyway, responsibility is heavy on any law enforcement officer. It's much much harder to stop the good from hurting themselves to prevent the bad from hurting the innocent. Good luck out there, I will pray for you.  Here are my teasers:

I will be in Walbridge for the next six Fridays. Come to St. Jeromes' Fish Fry for some deep fried fish and FF. I take family pics there, and will print one for your family, posted next week. It's on me, the pic that this, fish on you. Also call me for that next family reunion, no body can beat my rates, unless of course they pay you. Be safe out there, tell them you love them so. Love ya, SgtPete

 Pretty girl at Art Display... :)

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