Saturday, March 8, 2014

Birthday Surprise for Rose

It was Rose’s big forty thirty, so her BOF and family got together for a surprise birthday. Joyce, my good coworker, desired I be there with camera for that surprise. I'm constantly in search of venues. It is hard for me to impose myself on families, for surely some think I just a little touched in doing so. Nevertheless, I do it for love of family and friends. For family and friends is all you have. So these pics are here for you to remember those good times, yep these are them. All can be accessed by clicking on the Walgreen link below. I will print some for Rose and Joyce, but the cost only $.20 per print at Walgreens. That’ five prints for a dollar, just order online and pick up locally. There is buy 25 get 25 free  this week, that's10 cents a print. Prints last longer than electronic storage, do remember how many pics disappeared with your last cell crash. Prints are kept in a book or basement box, to be rescued in times of emergencies. 

Here are the teasers, link at bottom will take you to Walgreens site, which has most of everything I shot last night.

Please forward link to other loved ones. They too want to see you. If you need my services, then ask. Like I said, I'm always looking for a venue of smiles and love. Love ya too, and thanks for the food. It was great. SgtPete, RN

Click this link to see all at Walgreens's Photo site, you got to log in with a valid e-mail address. 

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