Friday, May 9, 2014

2014 Davis College Graduation, Toledo Ohio

2014 graduating class of Davis College had commencement Friday. Their family and friends came to congratulate and wish them success. Commencement is the beginning, not the end. One needs to continue his or her studies like forever, till the big show ends, until the last breath. For if you do your brain will function like it did over the last two years. Same with muscle, one gets stronger with constant exercise. Those who don't exercise their body and minds, e.g., like reaching level 65 on candy crush will look back at their life with bewilderment. After all level 65 pays so well. But true life winners make big plans. It's not hard, what is hard is writing goals down on paper to become a meaningful specific, (from leaving A to arriving at B) versus dreaming or becoming a wandering generality (letting your life events to be random generator).  I love this stuff, it works. Call me if you want more. 

So much for my motivational spiel.  Here are the teasers:

Please forward this link to all your family and fiends, don't for get those in the military. Print some at Walgreens, because Walgreens may not be here later, and worse still, I know I won't be here later.  
You got to log on with a proper e-mail. Love ya, Peter

Click here to see all pics take at the 2013 Davis College Commencement via the Walgreens phot site. 

2013 Davis College Graduation, Toledo, Ohio, May 17, 2013

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