Thursday, August 7, 2014

Four Sisters at Conesus Lake, the first and smallest NY Finger Lake in 2014

The wife repeated a sister re-union for 2014. This year the wife sent us to upstate NY at the Finger Lakes. It was great fun, to be loved by others. Family and friends are my top pick in life. We must enjoy every minute with each other for time is short. I had a great time, all my nieces and nephews were there. Still it is always debatable if I would be re-invited, but I pay for that big meal, while Mike, my brother-in-law provides home cooked meals. Yes gentlemen, our women folk like to eat well.  Here are the teaser, all are on Walgreen's photo site.

I'm going to print some now, because there is %50 off sale at Walgreens.

Click this link to see all pic of the Peterson's Clan at Conesus Lake, New York.

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