Saturday, August 2, 2014

2014 Kristine Mugge's Family Reunion, Perrysburg, Ohio

It's that déjà vu that redundancy, been there, done that. Only those involved are older. wiser, grayer, bigger both upward and outward, and accountable, like being present. There was some debate that all would not be here, but she arrived in time. In addition there seems that others have joined the love feast. Enough of these ramblings and attempts to adjust the font, here are the teasers.

Well, still have to burn six sets of DVDs for the clan. Will work on this in time. Walgreens' rule limits my space on their photo site. I needed to delete all of 2012. As time goes and space is needed, older uploads will be removed. Just to let you and other know, best bet is to print some today, watch for sale prices.

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