Saturday, July 19, 2014

Heather and What's his name Wedding Pics

I work nights, and Lisa works days. She's a nurse practitioner who I report to and sometimes at 1 a.m. we chat over susceptibility. It's a culture thing shared between our love for our patients. Last weeks, she reported that her daughter was getting married and she was not to be disturbed. This is a crash and burn which is what I really love to do. My subjects are mostly sober, gathered to celebrate, dressed up with smiles and love. I'm in and out, then home and off to work I go. What great shoot, what a great family. Have a great life Heather, and you too groom guy.

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Please forward link to others, don't forget those in the Military. You got my permission to copy and upload to facebook or whatever, see my rules. Call me for that new arrival. 

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